Hi all you Two-Seaters,
It looks like we still will be "social distancing" in June, so the show will be put on pause for this year
This brings pain to my social soul. I had reserved June 20, (a week later than usual). One consideration this year was that the Harbor District is beginning to charge $250 rent for the day. What are we to do? How about we fill up the tires, put in some fresh gas, and take a drive of about 70 miles or so, keeping our distance if we stop for a view? That would be different for sure, and no replacement for a lazy day of visiting and looking, but might be fun.

I am putting together a drive in the country (and small towns), for Sunday the 21st of June. It will pass on some roads which you don't regularly travel on, and take about 2 hours. What I can tell you now is, the start of it will be at 10:00 am on Sunday. Gather before that, in Eureka,  just West of the  Wharfinger building, in the long lot (Marina Way) by what is called dock B. I'll pass out a sheet with enough route instructions to keep you on the path, even if you get separated from the group for some reason.

This will be a SLOW drive, on some narrow roads and streets, sharing the road with bicycles at times. If you can't drive slow and share the road, DON'T COME! If you stop somewhere please wear a mask and practice the social distancing thing. Be sure to give a friendly wave to anyone watching, as they will be wishing they were us! I hope to have a couple of camera set-ups, which will video you as you roll by, just for fun.
No entry fee, no prizes, no 'get out of jail free' card.

If this kind of a tour interests you, let me know at lorensamfisher@gmail.com so I get a headcount.

Loren Fisher