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2018 Results

Non Points Events

January 20th
January 21st Cancelled Due to Rain

February 17th by Time
February 17th by PAX
February 18th Cancelled Due to Rain

March 17th by Time
March 17th by PAX

March 18th by Time
March 18th by PAX

April 14th by Time
April 14th by PAX

April 15th Cancelled Due to Rain

Points Events

Event 1
May 12th 2018 by Time
May 12th 2018 by PAX

Event 2
May 13th 2018 by Time
May 13th 2018 by PAX

Event 3
June 9th 2018 by Time
June 9th 2018 by PAX

Event 4
June 10th 2018 by Time
June 10th 2018 by PAX

2018 Hoopa Hillclimb

Event 5
August 11th 2018 by Time
August 11th 2018 by PAX

Event 6
August 12th 2018 by Time
August 12th 2018 by PAX

Event 7
September 15th 2018 by Time
September 15th by PAX

Event 8
September 16th by Time
September 16th by PAX

Event 9
October 13th by Time
October 13th by PAX

Event 10
October 14th by Time
October 14th by PAX